Convince Your Boss

A copy/paste template to help you get the support of your boss or HR department in reimbursing The Marketing Seminar.

More and more enlightened organizations are encouraging their teams to contribute by learning. Every student also receives a certificate of completion that you can share with your HR department.

Dear _____________________,

Continuous improvement is something we take seriously, and it involves everything from design to software to marketing. Can we check out this new training from Seth Godin?

It’s called The Marketing Seminar, and it’s an online interactive seminar that teaches the essentials of making change happen, connecting with the people we seek to serve, and telling stories that spread. It’s an intensive 100-day interactive experience made of discussion boards and 50+ videos.

This seminar will help me sharpen my insights and amplify the skills we need to move our work forward more effectively. Here are some testimonials from past sessions. Previous participants have said that this seminar has transformed the way they do business and see opportunities. Everything is learn-at-your-own-pace, so I can participate on my own schedule while still cranking at work.

The cost is $745. Would the company be willing to reimburse me for this training? They also offer a discount for multiple people from the same organization.

Their homepage:

This could be the training we’ve been needing on our team right now. Looking forward to your decision.

(Your name)

Should your best work wait any longer?

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