The Marketing Seminar brings a new meaning to the word marketing. From arrogant and greedy to beneficial and worthy for me, my colleagues and my customers. Well worth the time and investment.
The Marketing Seminar has been the best course I've ever bought, and it just keeps on giving. Incredible materials and community, and it has helped me gain incredibly valuable insight into how to reach the audience I seek to change.
Participating and especially engaging in The Marketing Seminar has been one of the best decisions I've made in the last years. The content brought by Seth is thought provoking and allows to see my own work, abilities and communication in a different light. Together with the team, Seth has been creating an environment in which participants put the content at work, enjoy showing up and learn by stimulating others to be pushed on and expand one's own learning.
The Marketing Seminar has been solid gold—the best time and money I could EVER invest. I'm learning to think critically who we are as a company, who we seek to serve, what they want from us, and how to combine a valuable non-profit purpose with the impact our donors want to have in the world.
I was somewhat hesitant about an unknown structure of learning but am already seeing the advantages of the alt-MBA structure as I'm developing the marketing plan for my new startup. 20 lessons into the course and I can see a demonstrable improvement in my ability to empathize, tell impactful stories, and provide constructive feedback to others that resonates. I strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to step outside their comfort zone, learn how to create sustainable change, and disrupt the status quo in modern marketing.
Lucas Johnson
The Marketing Seminar makes you feel like you are waking up to a new world and explains things so clearly that you can start to see marketing everywhere, even in relationships. It pushes you out of whatever comfort zone you're in (we all have one) and challenges you to engage, to participate and connect. This challenge is what fuels our personal growth to make work that matters, to share our work with others and make the change we seek to make.
Eric Erazo
Seth's Marketing Seminar is astounding in the insights and knowledge you get in short and easy to understand chunks. I have two business degrees, one being an MBA, and in retrospect, what I had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for does not even come close to the practical lessons I'm learning in this seminar. You must be willing to ask yourself tough, introspective questions and be prepared to put the work in. Highly recommended.
I joined this seminar because, yes, I am a fan of Seth Godin's, but mostly because I was struggling marketing my brand. Through this seminar I was able to put my message together in a clear and concise way. Suddenly, with every lesson, marketing for my company began to feel more enjoyable and quite creative. I love the integrity that is encouraged in this seminar. The questions Seth and his team ask are entirely engaging. Don't waste your time reading segmented and unqualified blog posts on how to market on the web. Take this course instead.
This is the most challenging, eye-opening and successful learning experience I've ever made. It's very interactive with a great and diverse group of people who provide honest feedback and push me every day further.
The Marketing Seminar has shown me that I can market the way that I've always wanted to do it. I always thought that my way of marketing wouldn't be successful. But it turns out I was wrong. There IS a way to market my business that will differentiate it, so I don't have to compete on price. I'll be taking a different path, the road less travelled, to business success.
Jeff Johnston
The Marketing Seminar completely transformed my mindset and posture as a marketer. The tools and concepts Seth Godin shares increased not only the impact of my marketing, but my level of happiness working in that domain.
I have previously had a mistrust of online courses and what I would get from them but my enjoyment of Seth's books got me over the hump here. Thank goodness! The seminar has transformed my understanding of marketing and is having a major effect on how we view our business. We are excited about implementing the lessons and the positive change we project it will have on our growth.

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Seth Godin gets you thinking in brand new, challenging ways and the process lets you take immediate action steps with solid, practical, fresh seeing of marketing that makes sense and gets results.

Just show up with a desire to learn, do the work and amazing things will happen. I knew next to nothing about marketing before I started and now I’m brimming with authentic information and ideas.

I utterly love this seminar and the changes it’s making for in me and my business. I’m learning how to think deeply about other people; to discover who my true customers are and how to market to what they really want and desire.

I have abundant thanks to him and his team for the vital knowledge presented here. The logic, scientific approach, organization, giving, caring, wonder and magic of this seminar is amazing. You bet I’m gushing because it’s all true.
This seminar has not only been eye-opening and evolutionary in my growth as a brand-builder, it has and will be world-changing for the causes I serve. People's lives will literally be saved because of the influence this seminar has had on the projects I serve.

If I had one word to describe the seminar it would be, principled. The lecturers are warm, engaging, and composed. The exercises are digestible and relevant. The cohort of people attracted to this tribe of principled marketers are energetic, mature, and insightful.

It was well worth investment of my money and (more importantly) my time.
Right now you have likely read several testimonials for this wonderful seminar. What ones are speaking to you more than others? What types of testimonials would those different from you consider impactful? Have you thought about why you are reading them in the first place? What is the shift in happiness that you want to create in others, and what testimonials do you want them to write about you?

If questions like this intrigue you and you have the courage to engage with them, I can't recommend the Marketing Seminar enough. Through it I am learning to market in a way that speaks more directly to the leader I am, and I lead better because of how I market. Each lesson is designed to introduce fundamental components of people-centered marketing, the assignments are as useful as they are thought-provoking, and you have a community from all over the world available to you to deepen your insights. It's a remarkable opportunity to amplify the change you want to make if making change means something to you.
I had sky high hopes for the seminar and it exceeded them (and I am only half way through). Sure, I expected it to be respectful, intelligent, thought provoking, interesting, etc. Everything anyone familiar with Seth's work would expect.

This however, was more. It was personal. It was engaging. It was challenging. I have been grappling on how to communicate my new project and that is now handled. What has opened up is a symbiotic relationship between what I am creating and how it is being marketed.

It's a thing of beauty and I am grateful for the opportunity.
I have spent YEARS trying to figure out the marketing piece of my business. I've taken plenty of classes and tried many tips by the "gurus" and nothing worked. The Marketing Seminar is light years beyond anything I have experienced. 1. It is a top down, bottom up, outside in learning experience with Seth Godin at the lead, 2. there is a wonderful peer community with people in this together, willing to engage and learn from one another, 3. the perspective on marketing is "people first" not product first which is refreshing, authentic, and heartfelt. If you're looking for easy solutions and magic bullets, look elsewhere. You have to dig in, go to the hard places and really explore, be willing to fall down a thousand and one times before finally figuring it all out. But if you are willing to go there, it is absolutely transformative.
Before the course I was awash with confusion around communication with my readers. Between Seth's clear thinking and the consistent rigorous feedback of my classmates I now have better questions to ask of myself and my readers. I am taking into account empathy, persona, status, and belonging and so much more all in the service of making change. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Seth, Maya, and team!
Seth's marketing course is turning my world upside down. While previously I thought of marketing as messaging to entice purchase, Seth shows marketing as a product development tool from my core beliefs and premium pricing as a necessity. We are only halfway through and Seth has taken my product in an unexpected unexplored direction that I am most excited about. I can't wait to see what I will create going forward!
Angela Tseng
I always knew Seth was full of wisdom, but did I want to spend that much money for more wisdom, and was it worth it? Yes. Because this seminar is more than more wisdom, it's a journey of change, with others. A change that brings more capability, confidence, and experience. (And sure, more wisdom.) (For me, anyway.) Money can come and go, but it's necessary to help you commit. So the question is, is the price enough to get you to change? Or, said another way, are you curious enough to take action?
Marketing also has a rat race. I'm no longer in it. I realize now that marketing successfully has everything to do with empathy and then service to the other and very little to do with how much i can extract from this interaction. Most importantly, this seminar has reminded me of what it means to be a person in this world and as such indifference has now become unbearable.
Kofi Essel-Koomson
This seminar brought extreme clarity in my approach to marketing from practical strategy to punch worthy tactics. We were very confuse on how to start now we know exactly what we need to change. The interaction with others is what make it magical just by participating and sharing and helping other people get unstuck, you get to solve your own difficulties and find new fresh perspective. The more you give indeed the more you will receive. Disrupt Hack Market like a champ and go make a ruckus :)
I always thought I needed to be heard in the enormous noise of the cigar industry, with big companies already having (or buying) many followers. Following Seth Godin's marketing seminar opened my eyes and is making me feel so much more comfortable in doing marketing in the way that best resonates with me and, especially, the niche audience I am targeting. I love this class and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to emphasize her values attached to her product/service and differentiate the offer rather than commoditizing.
I've changed. From a 'wanna-be' to a fiercely focused leader, confidently collaborating on actions that make an impact my customers value. The Marketing Seminar is the only place to experience a different worldview that leads to enduring change.
Monica Hanson
I'm thrilled to learn the steps, and the reasons behind them more importantly, needed to thoroughly think and challenge me through the process of figuring out really what it is I do, what I sell, to who and why. Well done Seth and team!
Bill O'Brien
By far, this marketing seminar is one of the most useful and insightful trainings you will ever have.

There's no plain theory, instead, you will have to wear your human and thoughtful strategic hats as the amount of reflection you need to put is far greater than reading tons of books. It is highly recommended.

Thanks Seth and the rest of the team for the wonderful work, this has beaten my marketing masters!
Andres Silva
Previously I found marketing almost a 'dirty word' and 'hard work'. Since joining Seth's course I now experience marketing as enjoyable and a way to connect to others. His authentic, insightful and enticing manner in the daily videos is contagious.
I used to think Marketing had to do with spreading your message far and wide over the seven seas of social media confusion. After participating in the Marketing Seminar I realize that it actually is about knowing where your targets congregate and telling them a good story about themselves right where they are.
Carolin Hosac
When I've invested $500 or more to go a live seminar, I get what I can out of it, but I don't soak it in. With The Marketing Seminar with Seth Godin I get to slow down, study the videos, think about them, write down my ideas, try them out, and then come back to the next videos when I'm ready for them. I've watched every minute of every video so far, and I've taken a ton of notes and written down many ideas that I think I can use in my work. If you are trying to influence people and improve their lives through some product, service, or experience, I definitely recommend that you watch this video series carefully, slow down and think about what Seth is asking you to do, and begin to develop ideas and keep iterating them.
Before I took the The Marketing Seminar I was a lost captain at the helm of my marketing ship but now I feel like I have my compass, map and alignment to the marketing stars all in alignment. This has been an outstanding seminar and I feel like I have gotten my money back in triplicate. Thanks so much Seth for your empathetic approach to marketing and bringing your tribe along for the ride!
For the first time in decades, I found a supportive community that pushed and nurtured me to look inside myself at the "why" of what I was doing. I learned a ton about marketing, but in the lectures and the discussion board, I learned even more about myself.
Before I didn't know what I didn't know. Now, I have already shared some of these concepts and stories with colleagues. Understanding that marketing is not about direct response or billboards, it's about creating change.

Tribal Knowledge. Perhaps the best way to learn about tribes is to become part of a transformative one. Seth Godin’s marketing seminar is a phenomenal experience, from visionary and passionate leadership, to stimulating and challenging content, to caring and expert coaching. The learning environment created is empathetic, supportive and kind. Interacting with fellow participants is a delight and getting to know them, and their struggles, helps you to better know yourself. From a return on investment of time and money perspective, the sage advice that Seth, coaches and fellow classmates share are professional and personal gifts destined to keep on giving for years to come. Invest in yourself and others, as you and fellow change agents take this inspiring journey. You will be glad you did and so will those whose lives you are better able to confidently influence.
I get new ideas for my business every day. I've had several major breakthroughs during the course of this seminar. Seth proves that marketing doesn't have to be pushy.
This seminar is changing everything. I used to think my marketing was about me, and I wondered why it wasn't working. I knew something was broken, but I couldn't see what. Now I realize that I hadn't dug in and actually laid the foundation for effective marketing messages. In just the short amount of time I've put in so far, I've filled enrollment for a program that was lagging by tweaking the focus of my marketing messages. Seth's guidance is worth 10x the cost of the course, but the contributions from others along the journey is 100x or greater. I can't thank Seth enough for putting this course together. It changed the way I think about my business, and it changed the way I think about the world.
From teaching to marketing. I couldn't have asked for a more effective or accommodating teacher and platform to support me in learning and applying these strong ideas, perspectives, and strategies to my blooming business endeavors.
Before I took this course I prided myself on my marketing skills (I used to work for a very prestigious Brand Design firm). But now I realise I was thinking about marketing completely backward - which is why my business was failing. Now? The path is lighted for my business to succeed. I'm delighted, scared, thrilled and a million shades of grateful.
I felt I got a return on money during the first day of the seminar. Seriously, the first two videos felt worth the entire investment I made.
I work for an award winning non-profit in small business change management with locations in 72 cities. We have always taught marketing from a more traditional approach. After taking this class for my own business purposes, I cannot believe the next level marketing thinking that this course provides. It fills in wide gaps in marketing intelligence that you rarely think deeply about. This is by far the most important course you may ever take on your way to success. Take this class!
Steven Frechette
The Marketing Seminar has changed everything for me. It has opened new ways of thinking, understanding and empathising. My project is now richer, more resonant with who I am, and my marketing is the story of the values I believe in. If you are reading this any wondering is it for you, then you probably already know that it is, because people like you and me take leaps like this. Sign up, give as much as you can of yourself and you'll be writing the testimonial for the next seminar. See you on the other side…
Seth Godin's Marketing seminar is more like a life-long-learning platform for marketing, not just one simple course. It helped to shape our story, who our customers are, how we are to help them and how we clarify our message so that it matters. It will change the way we communicate and improve our brand in our long journey to change the world for and with our people.
Before the marketing seminar I was struggling, overwhelmed and wondering if running an ethical business in a challenging space was worth the struggle. With Seth, and a community of like minded marketers alongside, I was challenged to deeply examine my current position and get to the heart of why we were stuck. The insights are profound, the community feedback is invaluable and observing the change in myself and my peers over a few short weeks was life altering. This seminar completely re-energized me, and I now feel that running an ethical business is no longer a challenge, it is a purpose.
Environment matters. There's no substitute for learning in community. I've taken numerous online courses. I can't recall ever finishing one of them, let alone putting in lots of work. But here I was working through hours of video (2-3x over), actively engaging in work, struggling with the material, but having the strength to do so (in the midst of starting my first business), and receiving joy in the process. We've all been changed to some degree or another.
Joshua Morgan
I thought Seth's books had given me all the information I would ever need... and then I took The Marketing Seminar. Day after day of short little lessons—each one, a new epiphany. Halfway through and I was already applying the lessons to build my client list!
The Marketing Seminar is offering me a new way of thinking not only about my brand, but also about myself. It's an open door that invites you to be brave and start making the changes you need in your work, brand and most of all in yourself! This has been one my best decisions ever!
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