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When the customer thanks you for your marketing

Most of us cringe at the thought of interrupting, hyping, and manipulating the people we're marketing to. We don't want to stoop to all of the high-maintenance, high-pressure, spin-filled stuff that the experts tell us we need to embrace. And we certainly don't want to spend our lives in social media, fighting for likes and attention.

Marketing doesn't have to be this way. It doesn't have to be a disdainful activity, one that you do poorly, under duress.

In fact, the best marketing is something we do with people, and for them. The best marketing is thrilling, effective and generous. The best marketing is something you can learn how to do.

This 30-day summer seminar will teach you, inspire you and connect you to peers who will help you bring your work to a larger and more receptive audience. Most of all, you'll discover that you don't have to hate the marketing you do.

Tikiri Herath
“Seth's Marketing Seminar is astounding in the insights and knowledge you get in short and easy to understand chunks. I have two business degrees, one being an MBA, and in retrospect, what I had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for does not even come close to the practical lessons I'm learning in this seminar. You must be willing to ask yourself tough, introspective questions and be prepared to put the work in. Highly recommended.”

You can do marketing you are proud of

Thirty days of collaborative work in marketing strategy and tactics, with new material every day. Not just access to information, but a learning environment that will challenge you and push you to create better work.

With videos, exercises and group work, this seminar will take 50–100 hours to complete. Risk-free 100% money-back guarantee.


  • More than 50 videos, including Q&A
  • Ongoing project discussion board with daily projects to work on
  • Find your peers for commenting and team learning
  • Full six month access—you can go at your own pace
  • Access on mobile and web

Louise Jalbert
“The Marketing Seminar brings a new meaning to the word marketing. From arrogant and greedy to beneficial and worthy for me, my colleagues and my customers. Well worth the time and investment.”

Learn how to:

  • Tell stories that make change happen
  • Get clients, gain market share and serve your audience
  • Clearly see opportunities to create value in the marketplace
  • Develop products and services your audience will talk about
  • Tell stories that resonate and spread
  • Save money, save time and grow your tribe
  • Understand the massive shifts from old marketing (advertising) to the world we live in today

A proven way to learn

If you want to share something, spread something or build something, you'll need to market it. This in-depth seminar doesn't require any specific pre-requisites, only the desire to show up and do the work in service of making change happen.

This Seminar will reward the time you're able to put into it. You can plan on devoting time every day to this seminar—you'll watch the video lesson and can contribute to the online discussion boards, but you can adjust the pace to match your schedule. If you miss a day or two, you can always catch up, because the videos are always available and the discussion continues.

Here's a preview of how it works.

Charlie Moritz
“The Marketing Seminar has been the best course I've ever bought, and it just keeps on giving. Incredible materials and community, and it has helped me gain incredibly valuable insight into how to reach the audience I seek to change.”

Grow your project

What would happen to your business or non-profit if you were more effective at marketing?

This seminar is the most effective way to learn marketing. A proven, tested process for understanding the basics, for seeing what you've been overlooking, and discovering how to make change happen. A chance to be part of an ongoing seminar with Seth Godin, one of the world's experts in marketing. Find out more about Seth's work.

Every day for 30 days, new video material is added to the seminar. Every day, you'll be able to engage with other students, post your work, develop your perspective and get ever closer to making the impact you seek.

Once you've joined the seminar, you can start when you like and participate in any part of the seminar that's been posted. The seminar unfolds day after day, and you can take it at your own pace. The seminar won't work without your active participation though, so plan on about 30–60 minutes each day you spend in the seminar.

Seth Godin has a lifetime of hands-on experience in creating marketing that works. In this practical seminar, you'll learn to understand the changes that have transformed the world of marketing, and even better, how to put these concepts to work for you.

Seth Godin
“Twenty years later, marketing is still taught backwards. It's assumed that marketing is something we do TO our audience, for the sole purpose of meeting our own goals. But marketing is now something we do WITH our tribe, helping them reach their goals first.”
Seth Godin

It's time to level up

This seminar is aimed at product marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profits, teachers and anyone who seeks to change minds, grow share and make change happen.

It teaches you how to create transformational stories, how to invent products and services that spread, and how to engage with customers for the long haul.

This is a seminar about a process and a practice that produces value daily. Value for you, for your clients/bosses and most of all, for the customer. You can be proud of the work you do as a marketer.

More powerful than a textbook and far more than a series of lectures, this workshop gives you the opportunity to focus on ideas as they unfold over time. You'll be encouraged to connect with other marketers, share your work and dig ever deeper.

With more than 50 lessons, more than 5 hours of video, exclusive content, dozens of projects, group connections and recorded Q&A sessions, expect a drip-by-drip transformation. New content is added regularly during the summer. Find out more details on our FAQ.

All the prior lessons are easily accessible, so you can engage with the seminar on your own time, as you find the insights that resonate and work with groups to get the feedback you seek.

Every day for a month, videos will be dripped to your account. Some lessons will include recorded answers to submitted student questions as well as a homework assignment to be done individually or in groups. You'll also have access to dozens of case studies that showcase marketing solutions in real contexts.

David Shirk
“The Marketing Seminar has been solid gold—the best time and money I could EVER invest. I'm learning to think critically who we are as a company, who we seek to serve, what they want from us, and how to combine a valuable non-profit purpose with the impact our donors want to have in the world.”

You're not alone

The seminar has its own dedicated moderator, who will help focus your energy on creating marketing that works. Every week, Seth will upload recorded answers to some of your posted questions. There's no 1:1 time with Seth… even better, there's the dynamic of interacting with others on the same journey, an ongoing discussion among people who are seeking to make change happen by telling stories that resonate.

American Way Magazine called Seth "America's Greatest Marketer." That's probably an exaggeration, but this seminar will help you learn what you can do to spread your ideas, change minds and make an impact.

As always, this seminar includes a full money-back guarantee. Find out more about Seth's work here.

The best time to begin is right now.

Who is it for?

This marketing seminar serves everyone from freelancers to CEOs, from non-profit fundraisers to political organizers. It's not designed for a specific role or title. It's designed for people who want to get better at marketing so they can cause the change they seek. Is that you?

What if I fall behind?

The Seminar contains 50 videos, dripped out over 30 days, and you're welcome to take far more than 100 days to complete it. We're keeping the site open for six months. Because the conversations are ongoing, it's easy to catch up. The time you invest in the Seminar will be repaid by the feedback you give and get from others—and there's no pressure to engage every day. Our hope is that as you discover the power of this shared learning experience, it will be easier to find the time.

Does it work?

Here's what students in the first Seminar had to say.

When does it begin?

The Seminar is opening soon, and new material is published beginning on July 24th. The last day to join the seminar is July 28th.

Scott Perry
“The Marketing Seminar completely transformed my mindset and posture as a marketer. The tools and concepts Seth Godin shares increased not only the impact of my marketing, but my level of happiness working in that domain.”